Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Resolutions

Here are ten New Year's resolutions I'd like to see Atlantic Highlands make (and keep):

1. Book one band for the summer concert series that rocks out - even just a tiny tiny bit.
2. Entice one more nail salon to move to town because I have 2o digits to take care and only three options for keeping my cuticles trim.
3. Build a monorail!
4. Elect a new town Psychic.
5. Find the punk kids who stole the straps off my kayak trailer at the bay. And make them pay damnit!
6. Turn the siren up to 11! I'm just keeeeeding. Turn it down, way way way down. Please. Get some of those fancy new "beepers" and "GPS" tracking systems and "cell phones" and "Nextel walkie-talkies" or some CB radios and a few carrier pigeons (it is a small town).
7. Exercise more (see number 8).
8. Complete the bike trail. Somehow, someway. Just figure it out already.
9. Do something about the stretch of First Ave. from 36 to East Highland to make it look like the rest of downtown.
10. Stop complaining about all the "traffic" on First Ave.


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