Monday, January 07, 2008

AH Mayor Fred Rast Predicts Doom/Gloom for US

I'm still trying to process all of this.

Update, 1/15/08:

Below is the text of the speech given by AH Mayor Frederick J. Rast III at his swearing in ceremony on 1/1/08. In a, uh, nut shell, I find the speech ridiculous. In fact, there's really just too much ridiculousness for my brain to process. I trust Rast will provide his recommendation on how to fix Social Security at the next town Council meeting. As an avid hunter and not-so-avid fan of Baby Boomers (see below) I can only imagine what he might propose. If you were born between the years 1946 to 1964 you might want to consider relocating somewhere far away from Atlantic Highlands. Remember though that Rast is a private dick so he'll probably end up tracking you down anyway. And then hunting you for sport. Hippie-hunting season is officially open!


Today should be a very happy and joyous day for my running mates and me. However, as I stand here in front of my beloved family, close friends and fellow residents of Atlantic Highlands, I feel troubled and afraid of the future!

As I look into the beautiful faces of my three grandchildren, I wonder what is in store for them in the future? We live in an environment where so many of our USA citizens, continually do everything they can to detract from our country’s greatness. They constantly find fault in the USA and praise the rest of the world. They blame us, “The USA” for the world’s ills, when the truth is, that we as Americans do more for the rest of humanity, than any other nation.

The United States I grew up in, does not exist anymore! It started to decline in the 60’s, when people who believed more in their personal pleasures and free life style, made it fashionable to hold up Hollywood and Sports figures, as well as some foreign leaders, as their Heroes. They continually condemned and criticized our Military, Law Enforcement and Our Country as a whole. Unfortunately not all USA Detractors from that tragic point in History, changed as they got older! Many became members of our Government and some became Elected Officials. Many of them encourage our youth to continue to run down our nation. Many trained or at least set examples to their children, that the only thing important in life is to be rich and famous. They put their pleasures first, before their Country and Community. They look down on People who are religious, who are community volunteers and those who are of middle or lower income.
When I see the “Political Correct Crowd” making people uncomfortable who wish someone Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah, it sickens me!

When groups such as “ACLU” push their twisted anti-American agenda into our society, I get outraged! I think it is time for people to realize that we are heading down a very steep, slippery, hill. If we don’t act now and don’t defy the “Political Correct Crowd” immediately, we are doomed as a nation!

In my opinion, every citizen should give back to his or her community as a volunteer, not for money or glory but for our survival!

When a small group complains just because a town may endorse or support a traditional Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other religious event, we cannot “Bow” to their pressure! We must stand strong and say it is time for the majority to win, not the minority!

All good citizens are tolerant of others in every way. Giving someone a smile and wishing them a Happy Hanukah or Merry Christmas during a religious holiday cannot be wrong! It is an expression of love and well wishing from one person to another, even if its not that persons religious holiday.

Elected officials who are of the “Me First Mindset” disgust me when they make new laws just so they can get their names in the papers or their faces on TV. There are more senseless laws made just for personal recognition of lawmakers, than legitimate ones!

A great example is the law about using a handheld cell phone while driving. It is not a violation to put on make up, read, eat or tend to screaming children while driving. But it is to hold a cell phone.

Careless and Reckless driving violations relate to the actions of the driver, they have existed for well over 75 years. We needed no new law!

Today’s “Political Correct Extremists”, have taught people to blame anything but one’s own actions for their conduct!.

When a person takes a gun and kills people, it is not their fault, it is the gun manufacturers fault, for making the gun. Someone puts hot coffee between their legs while driving and gets burned, it is not their fault. It is the company who sold the hot coffee to them.

Global warming extremists within the last several weeks announced that they think there will be a great flood due to the Earth’s polar ice cap melting, possibly within 10 years! Some people are making large sums of money preaching doom and gloom, dealing with Environmental issues. They don’t mention however, that the Polar Ice caps on “Mars” are also melting at the same rate as the Earth’s. Why don’t they demand SUV’s stop being used on Mars or could it be the elliptical patterns of Orbit of the Earth, Mars and other planets are nearer the Sun at this point in time?

Another thing the “Global Warming Extremists” have said is that people of the Jewish faith, should not light candles on the menorah. In Australia they want to “genetically alter” cows, pigs and sheep so when they FLATULANTE there is no methane gas coming out, just like kangaroos. I wonder how much taxpayer’s money was given to capture kangaroo FLATULANCE, to check for methane?

Also one of these groups said if you have over 2 kids, there should be a “carbon dioxide tax” levied upon the parents, to cover for the additional carbon dioxide that the kids will expel over their lifetime. Of course we as humans expel Carbon Dioxide as part of our breathing process.
Please someone get a Big Net!

We all agree that we should protect the environment, man should not pollute and we should do everything we can to save our Natural resources.

The clear thinking majority, has to speak up and the madness must stop!

This is the real reason I ran for mayor. I want to bring back common sense to government. I have no desire to get publicity, I will never be on an ego trip! I am Fred Rast, a local town boy, who was elected mayor. I don’t expect I will always make the right decisions, so you my fellow citizens, don’t expect it of me!

I guarantee that I am going to make some people unhappy about the way I provide leadership, as your mayor. I also pledge that I will accomplish things that have to be done! I will always, have the best interest of the majority of our people at the forefront of every decision I make, popular or unpopular!

I will not personally and will not stand for other elected officials, to micro-manage the operations of our town. The professionals we have, at all levels of our town’s operation, know better than I do, how to do their job. We as elected officials are here to make sure they do their job in an honest, economical and very town sensitive, manner!

We are now a Mayor and Council for all citizens, no longer representing a political party but representing all citizens. I hope all of you work with me and our council, give us time and we will keep our town solvent and a wonderful place to live.

Our town, unfortunately gained the reputation in recent years, as being one of the most unfriendly towns in the area. Unfriendly, towards Investors, Small Builders, Real Estate People, General Contractors and Homeowners trying to improve their property! Complaints range from extremely expensive permits, an over abundance of red tape, long delays and unreasonable thinking committees, who openly show their lack of willingness towards construction, expansion and improvements in our town!

Complaints about Board Members badgering and treating people as though they were criminals who appear before them have been occurring for years. I intend to make sure all members of committees, boards and utilities who have expressed attitudes unfriendly to people who come before them, based on their prejudices or preferences understand this will not be tolerated. Some individuals openly have spoken against projects and applications long before they even heard all the testimony and voted on applications. Members of Boards must have an open mind, be fair, honest, nonpartisan and never allow their personal preferences to prejudice their decisions.

The Council and I, will work very hard to make Atlantic Highlands a Destination place that will attract and keep businesses in our town, as well as bring customers to those businesses. We will do everything in our power to enhance First Ave and Home-based businesses, so that they can provide more local jobs, continue to pay taxes and provide services locally, so that our residents need not travel, to get life’s needs. Remember if commercial rateables are successful, it reduces the property taxes homeowners have to pay!

We will continue to work hard on the remediation of our sewer system, to stop infiltration of ground water. This will drop costs of processing sewerage, thus reducing our Sewer Rates.
We will insist on private clean up of contaminated property by owners or responsible parties in town!

We will ensure that all of our publicly owned parks are maintained and kept available for maximum use by our citizens.

We will work very hard to build a badly needed public library in our town, in the most economical way possible.

We will spend our tax dollars on necessary things that will protect and enhance the lives of all our citizens.

We will always respect and protect the rights of Private Property Owners, with a rare exception if the owners actions create a direct threat to their neighbors or if the owners actions, are in violation of our laws.

We are going to conduct a complete review of our ordinances, rules and regulations to update where necessary, to amend where needed so that everyone can understand them and to shorten the Bureaucratic delays such ordinances, rules, and regulations have been found to cause!

As I said earlier “In my opinion, every citizen should give back to his or her community as a volunteer, not for money or glory but for our survival”. Therefore I have created a Senior Citizen committee headed by two of our former mayors, who truly love our town, Mayor Helen Marchetti and Mayor Robert Schoeffling. They will co-chair this committee of volunteer Senior Citizens, over 65 years old, who will be asked to help us with projects needed by the Borough in an effort to keep our town’s expenses down. We will ask experienced, community loving seniors, to become directly involved in the operation of our town. The co-chairs will identify a cadre of seniors, who’s experience in various areas of expertise, can again be used for the benefit of our community. With their help, often we can save or reduce the cost of outside “experts” or professionals wherever possible. Thus saving all of us, Tax Dollars.

I have also created a new committee, headed by former Councilwoman Kim Spatola, to coordinate efforts towards the promotion of Atlantic Highlands through beautification projects, advertising projects and a cooperative effort between the Chamber of Commerce, Arts Council and other groups who have our community at heart!

I promise that I will openly explain to those citizens interested, every project that I will be implementing and/or supporting over my tenure as Mayor.

Atlantic Highlands must remain a town where anyone, of any race, creed, religion, national origin or personal beliefs, can walk our streets safely and unmolested. The only people who should fear our town’s streets, must be people who wish to do our citizens harm! Towards such goals I will be encouraging Public Safety projects as needed!

Thank you all for coming today, God Bless you, Your Families Our Town and Our Great Nation!


gorky said...

Welcome back, Ahmuse!

Don't bother trying to process that speech. It boils down to an Ann Coulter diatribe and the ACLU is killing our men in Iraq. All that extrapolated from PC-isms and not saying "Merry Christmas" during the holidays. Extremes of both sides give me a headache.

Nattarg said...

His subject matter was Mars, Kangaroo gas and the 60's, then he tells us he is just a local boy. Sounds to me like he is heading toward Congressman or Senator Rast.

Mad Elf said...

Welcome back Tim. Nice speech. Long on breaking wind, short on local issues. I think I'll have a beer.

gorky said...

Folks - Look past the flatulence and check out the last half of the speech. He says that AH has been unfriendly to developers, that rateables will lower taxes and that our ordinances should be overhauled to make building easier.
You are going to have to watch him very carefully.

Mad Elf said...

I'll be watching from my seat in the Front Row
Bob Ueker

Anonymous said...

This guy scares me. How could we elect someone like this just because the other guy rubbed people the wrong way? Is that how Hitler got elected? If this is the prevelent opinion of this town, you can all just stay here and develop it into friggin Atlantic City for all I care...I'm out of here if this kook gets even half his way.